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Protect what matters most. Jessica J. Sauer, Esq. is an experienced attorney focused exclusively on estate planning, administration, and court actions related to protecting and managing assets for loved ones (Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Adoption).

Based in the greater Princeton area, Jessica is dedicated to serving clients throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A Last Will and Testament speaks for you after your death - directing who your assets should pass to and how to the extent allowed by law.


A Will allows you to:

  • Appoint an executor; 
  • Control who will inherit from you (and under what terms); and
  • Appoint a guardian for your minor children


Developing an estate plan that takes your wishes, assets, and goals into account can help minimize the expenses associated with the administration of your estate. 

The short answer is yes.


In addition to a Will, almost everyone should have powers of attorney in place so that they can control who will be able to make medical and financial decisions for them if they need help. These documents should also include a "living will" for end of life decision making.


At the Sauer Law Firm LLC, we frequently prepare a "Simple Will Package" for clients that includes a: 

  • Last Will and Testament;
  • Health Care Power of Attorney (which includes a "living will"); and
  • Financial Power of Attorney


Depending on your situation, more complex planning including creating a revocable living trust, special needs trust, or life insurance trust might also be appropriate. Our goal is to help you learn about options that might be a good fit for you and let you decide how simple or complex you would like your plan to be.  

Meeting with an attorney will help ensure that you are doing planning appropriate for your specific situation and needs.

A good lawyer should help you:

  • Understand the state and federal estate and inheritance taxes that might be due upon your death;
  • Consider planning to maximize the tax treatment of inherited retirement accounts;
  • Analyze how difficult probate might be in your specific situation;
  • Explore planning opportunities for minimizing taxes and probate expenses; and
  • Consider options for protecting assets that pass to your children or other beneficiaries.


Taking time to do a consultation can help give you peace of mind, knowing that you have considered and explored many issues that could impact your plan. 

A revocable living trust is not necessary for everyone but might be recommended if you:


  • Wish to set up on going trusts for your spouse or descendants upon your death;
  • Own properties in multiple states or have significant business assets or retirement assets;
  • Have a complicated or blended family situation or plan to treat family members unequally;
  • Desire maximum flexibility and privacy when dealing with assets;
  • Want to make it easier for others to assist you with managing your assets; or
  • Are looking to reduce complexity for the executor of your estate.


It is important to look at your particular situation and to create an estate plan that will appropriately address your specific needs. 

The amount of travel needed is up to you.

We are dedicated to using virtual consultations and being willing to travel TO our clients for signing meetings throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Based in Lawrenceville New Jersey, we currently serve clients in Bergen County, Mercer County, Hunterdon County, Bucks County, and the greater Philadelphia area.